50% Off Perfectly Clear for Black Friday!

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There are a lot of great sales to be found over the next few days, but I bet none of them will help your photography as much as this one.  Remember my blog a few weeks ago about Perfectly Clear.  The 1-click, easy photo-post-processing software.  If you don't remember, go back and check out the post from about 4 weeks ago.  It's awesome software and for the next few days they're offering it for 50% off.  If you've been considering buying the program, now's the time.  You can always download the free trail, check it out for a few days and then purchase.  Anyway, 50% can't be beat and I promise you'll never find it cheaper*.

* My lawyers are requiring me to say that I really have no idea if you'll ever find it cheaper.  I'm basically just saying now it's really cheap, so you should jump on it, but I don't make any guarantees... except the guarantee that it's awesome sauce and it will make your photos look better!