Adobe Lightroom for $50 off!

I've talk before about how awesome Adobe Lightroom is.  You can look at my previous post from Saturday, June 8th to see how I use it and just how much I love it.  There's hardly any reason I can think of why anybody who is even remotely into photography wouldn't benefit from having this program.  If you're an avid photographer or photo enthusiast, you need to have this program.  Heck if you take a lot of pictures on your camera phone, you'll still benefit significantly from owning Lightroom.  It will help make almost any picture better and will bring out the best in your photos.  So if your reason for not owning Lightroom is that it's too complicated, well, that's dumb, you're a total stupid-head, cause it's really easy to use.  It's hard to master, but it's easy to jump in and start benefiting from it.  If your reason is you don't like things that begin with the letter "L," well I don't understand it, but at least I can't argue with it.  If you're issue is it's too expensive, even though at $149, it's pretty much one of the best buys in the industry, well, now that's not an issue either.  I received an email today that Adorama is offering me Lightroom for $50 off!  That means it's $99.  BUY IT!  Buy it now.  The only catch is that this offer is only good for one person, so the first person to use it, get's it.  Of course I already own it, so I don't need it.  I promise you'll thank me.  You'll love it and if you don't, I'll buy you lunch.  That's how positive I am that you're gonna love it.  I'm putting lunch on it and if you know how much I love lunch, you know that means you're really gonna love it!  Buy it and enjoy!