Put A Little Something In There When They Pass The Hat

So I'm sitting here in Stockholm, Sweden, about to go to dinner and I had a thought, so I figured I'd share.  It's more of a tip than a thought, but it's come up about five times today, and I feel like it's really an invaluable travel tip for photographers.  Ooh, before I forget, if you're even in Stockholm, make sure you visit Fotografiska, the photography museum here in the city.  It's amazing and really gets those creative juices flowing.  Anyway, back to the tip.  When you're galavanting around the world, or just on a vacation with the family, make sure you're always carrying at least a few small bills or coins of the local currency.  Taking photos of street performers is a great way to capture the culture and feeling of a city.  However, they rarely like getting their picture taken for free.  So to avoid any uncomfortable situations and to improve your chances of getting a great photo, toss a few coins or a small bill or two in their hat (of course it's not always a hat, but you get the idea.  If it's a bowl or a bucket, toss it in there) and ask if its okay.  They'll almost always agree to your request and they may even give you a smile after a bit of coin makes it's way to them.  Photos like this usually end of being my favorites of the trip.