The new SmugMug!

So, I have been a user of SmugMug for the last year and so. As a photographer, I was looking for a place to showcase my work, but more importantly share photos I've taken with family and friends.  I needed a resource for uploading a days worth of photos and then easily sending a link to a bunch of recipients so they could tell me what great photos I took! :-)  I also wanted a place where I could sell prints and make downloads of my images available. So I found SmugMug and it was great for archiving photos, sharing albums and making prints available for sale.  The problem was, it didn't look so great.  It was definitely function over form.  The customization that was available was really difficult to use and for a dummy-head like me, made it pretty hard to do anything beyond the basics.

Fast forward to last Tuesday (wait, if it was yesterday I guess we'd have to rewind... Fast forwarding would take us to tomorrow and that wouldn't work cause it's already happened) and smugMug launched their brand new site and I have to admit, it's pretty sweet!   My site now looks like a professional portfolio where I can also seamlessly present and distribute my photographs.

Other than the overall look and new designs, the biggest change they made is the ease of customization. You can't tell from looking, but in just a matter of minutes I was able to get a completely brand-new look for my site and the best part is it was all done using drag and drop functionality.  EASY!  It literally took me less than 30 minutes to set things up the way I wanted.

Check it out and let me know what you think.  Even if you're just using the site as a back up location for your photos, you'll find the new SmugMug easy to use and a great way to show off your images.